Become part of the TEDxVaduz family!​

TEDxVaduz is a nonprofit event and is totally dependent on the support of their partners. We are the organizers but the event wouldn´t be durable without amazing partner who believe in the ideas and values of TED and our TEDxVaduz.

Think TEDx

Support ideas worth spreading and become part of our amazing event.

Meet new inspiring people

Be part of an innovativ and open community which thinks outside the box.

Support and enhance Innovation

You want to enable us to set up a stage for ideas from science, technology, design, communities, culture and art. You want to give the unknown the chance to be.

You want to strengthen the Community

Support and strengthen the community within Vaduz and whole Liechtenstein, to bring everyone more close together

Our Partner 2021

This are our amazing partners which contribute and support us in our TEDxVaduz 2020. The naming is based on the famous mountain of ‘Three Sisters’ here in Liechtenstein. The three peaks of Three Sisters symbolise the impact and support of our different partners. Nevertheless every contribution is as important as the next.

'Great Sister' Partner

With an elevation of 2,053 metres above sea level, the Great Sister marks the highest peak of Three Sisters.

'Middle Sister' Partner

The Middle Sister, located north-east of it reaches a height of 2,048m.

'Little Sister' Partner

The Little Sister is pointing to north-eastern direction with a hight of 2,034m.

Gefördert durch die Kulturstiftung Liechtenstein


Our digital Partner

Our digital Partner support us with digital services and tools which we use for the event.

Our Partner 2013

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