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Speaker and Acts TEDxVaduz 2021
- be small THINK BIG -

We had so many impressive applications and it was really hard for us but we are now proud to finally introduce you our speakers of TEDxVaduz 2020. We will reveal every speaker one by one, stay tuned.

Alexandra Waldherr
Alexandra Waldherr
Code for Life
Amadeus Wiesensee
Amadeus Wiesensee
Beethoven and the Aesthetic Revolution
Christiani Wetter, Karin Ospelt
Christiani Wetter, Karin Ospelt
Your natural Dopamine while being on Stage.
Elizabeth Schädler
Elizabeth Schädler
The Secret Power of our Breath
Joe Diebolder
Joe Diebolder
How a pilot’s checklist will improve your life
Mario Dieringer
Mario Dieringer
What death gives us for a meaning centred life
Mauro Casellini
Mauro Casellini
Blockchain - The Engine of the next Financial Revolution
Nelson Inno
Nelson Inno
The innovation education needs
Soukaina Alaoui
Soukaina Alaoui
The fear of living one’s truth
Valerio Moser
Valerio Moser
Writing poetry for an audience that doesn't understand it.

'Be small think big'

2nd TEDxVaduz

planned date: 21.08.2021

at Vaduzer Saal

A day of learning, sharing ideas and getting inspired
by 11 local and international acts

Event Schedule


Beginn of the show – Welcome
Talk 1 – Mauro Casellini
Talk 2 – Amadeus Wiesensee
Talk 3 – Mario Dieringer
Coffee Break
Talk 4 – Alexandra Waldherr
Talk 5 – Elizabeth Schädler
Talk 6 – Soukaina Alaoui
Talk 7 – Nelson Javier Mejia
Act / Talk 8 – Valerio Moser
Coffee Break
Act / Talk 9 – Christiani Wetter & Karin Ospelt
Talk 10 – Joe Diebolder
Closing of the Show
Open End / Networking


Blockchain – The Engine Of The Next Financial Revolution
Beethoven And The Aesthetic Revolution
What Death Gives Us For A Meaning Centered Life

What The Tiniest Chemists On Earth Teach Us About Life/Survival
The Secret Power Of Our Breath
The Fear Of Living One’s Truth

The Innovation Education Needs
Writing Poetry For An Audience That Doesn’t Understand It

Your Natural Dopamine While Being On Stage
How A Pilot’s Checklist Will Improve Your Life

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