'be small - THINK BIG'

Our application phase ended

We finally closed the official application phase on the 15th of september and selected the speakers for the TEDxVaduz 2020. Stay tuned on our social media channels to catch the latest news and our speaker reveals 🙂

Do you want to share your idea at TEDxVaduz or you know someone who has to be on our stage?

We welcome you to participate to share your story, idea, art, philosophy in the beautiful Principality of Liechtenstein in Rhine valley surrounded by the Alps. The topic of the talks should not have any commercial, political, religious agendas and should be backed by concrete research work if the talk is based on science.

You can apply for one of the two kinds of performances on stage:

Talk‘ is a talk regarding a specific topic/idea.
Creative Cultural Act‘ can be everything from music acts, arts, dancing or anything else in this creative direction.

Apply to be a Speaker

“TED – Ideas worth spreading”

Do you have an outstanding idea, story or experience that you do not want to keep from the world any longer? Are you tired of boring presentations and lectures as usual?

Share your vision – spread your enthusiasm – inspire others and participate! Take the audience on a journey and provide insights into the topic which they’ve never had before. 

Need more info? This might be helpful: What makes a good talk?

What are you waiting for? Apply now!

Nominate a speaker
& get the chance for a free ticket

You know a person who has experienced something extraordinary, has an amazing idea which should be shared with as much people as possible or has an unique story which makes the difference that we need in this world? If a name just popped into your head don’t hesitate:

Nominate him or her to be on our stage and support the person in making her/his idea big. 

TEDx brings people together who think outside of the box and therefore have a tremendous positive impact of the lives of others.

So what’s the deal?

Easy: Nominate a speaker/act/artist and if she/he gets selected to perform on the stage of TEDxVaduz , you´ll get a free Ticket for the event!

So take your chance and help to make this event unforgettable!


Apply as 'Creative Cultural Act'

TEDx is not just about talking all day long.

Inspire people with your outstanding talent! No matter if you can play dubstep on your violin, juggle with chairs or surprise the audience in any other way –  make them say “wow” and “oooh” and “aaah” or leave them completely speechless! 

Apply now and show us your amazing performance! 

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