You missed the last event? Take your chance to watch it again.

Be small THINK BIG - 2021

Nelson Inno - Are schools prepared for the future?

Mario Dieringer - Are schools prepared for the future?

Mauro Casellini - The Engine of the Next Financial Revolution

Radically Open - 2013

Andi Götz - There ain't no such thing as a sustainable product

Femke Herregraven - Geographies of avoidance

Katja Novitskova - Attention, economies and art

Michaela Hogenboom Kindle - Creating a connected and sustainable society

Michael Littger: About a special romance:

Emily Segal - Learning from the MA-1 -- the future of luxury branding

Peter Fend - technologies for Liechtenstein based on high art

Michel André Maréchal - Cheating behind bars

Regula Stämpfli - Why Winnie the Pooh is wrong and Google is right

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